5es Journées de la Psychose - Jour 2

Mardi 16 mars 2021 18h30 - 20h00
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Reframing psychosis towards a hopeful future

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ph. A.E.G. Philippe Delespaul

Conference in English
Interprétation simultanée en français


Research on brain behaviour and psychopharmacology is stagnating. We better understand the process of psychosis but fail to provide innovative medication and miracle cures. This is frustrating for researchers and clinicians, but even more for patients and their families. COVID has shown that significant gains can be realised with disease management procedures.

In mental health, the focus shifts from fixing the illness, towards managing vulnerability and developing resilience. The recovery movement reframes our approach from quick-fix cure strategies for psychotic illness towards recovery oriented care processes. It makes clear that qualitative living is possible, irrespective of psychosis.

The process is hope-driven and has an open future. It offers positive perspectives for patients and family.


Prof. Dr  Ph. A.E.G. Delespaul (1958) is professor in Innovation in Mental Health Care at the University of Maastricht (Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology). He is a clinical psychologist at the Mondriaan Mental Health Trust in Maastricht/Heerlen (The Netherlands) and advises the local direction, regional, national and international stakeholders about care innovations.

He is board member of the national quality monitoring institute for ambulatory mental health care (CCAF) and the Global Initiative on Psychiatry (Benelux chapter). He worked in residential and ambulatory care, primarily with a focus on severe mental health and developed the PsyMate™ method to assess the daily life of disabled individuals.

He is one of the initiators of the Dutch New Mental Health Movement and focuses on human right monitoring for this population. He has published 3 books, more than 50 chapters in edited books and over 200 peer-reviewed international papers.